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An Exposition of II Peter Chapter 3 Robert A. Penney

An Exposition of II Peter Chapter 3

Robert A. Penney

ISBN : 9780954720599
56 pages
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 About the Book 

The old adage says: Your bible is more up-to-date than your mornings newspaper. Such a statement was never more true than when applied to this third chapter of Peters second epistle. It has to do with the present state of affairs and gives us a brief insight into the end time and also a glimpse of the nature of the future kingdom. To live amid this present godless world with such Scriptures saturating our minds and our souls is richness indeed and fills the believer with hope, confidence and faith in these modern times of unbelief and apostasy. These addresses are sent forth trusting that the result will be the strengthening of all who read them, that hope may be instilled within those who may be discouraged in these wicked times and that even thrill and excitement may be aroused as one contemplates the believers lot in this present evil world and the glories which will follow. Nothing is more needful today than for the Christian to be encouraged in the things he has most surely believed. The author has written this small book to encourage Christians to rejoice in the hope of their high calling and to consider the eventual triumph of Christ and His Church over Satan and his forces and over the ungodliness of men which is so characteristic of these last days. But the chapter under consideration is also full of warnings for the believer -- the appearance of evil on an unprecedented scale, the ultimate wrath of God in judgment upon it all and how we must get back to spiritual basics by heeding the teaching of the apostles and prophets. Dr Robert A Penney spent over twenty years as a Probation Officer in the Birmingham courts. On early retirement he studied at the ScottishCongregational College and New College, Edinburgh, whilst serving as an assistant to the late Dr Nelson Gray at Portobello Congregational Church. He pastored Beith Congregational Church, Ayrshire, for a brief period before resigning to devote himself to writing and itinerant ministry. He now lives in Kirkintilloch, his home town, near Glasgow.