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Katie Jones Goes to Washington Suzanne  Roberts

Katie Jones Goes to Washington

Suzanne Roberts

Published 1969
189 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Katie Jones was just one of hundreds of eager young Washington secretaries when ex-Senator Jonas Caldwell picked her as Girl Friday for his protege Michael Koury. If the people voted the way Mikes supporters wanted them to, the handsome young war hero would be the next senator from Katies home state. An old-fashioned girl with old-fashioned political ideals -- she believed that Presidents were born and not made by the political machines behind them, for instance -- it took Katie a while to realize that, as his campaign progressed, Mike was behaving very much like a puppet on the string -- and that the puppeteer was Jonas Caldwell. When Tommy Ryan, a young reporter on the campaign train, warned Katie to get out before she got hurt, she might have taken his advice -- except it came too late, she had already fallen in love with Mike. And when she learned that Senator Caldwell was not only masterminding Mikes political moves but had even picked out the right Senators wife for him, Katie was sure her heart would break.